We understand that your children – and their well-being – are precious to you. Your relationship with your spouse or partner may have broken down, but there is no question you both love your children.

There are many important choices that you and your former spouse/partner will have to consider with respect to your children. As every family is unique with its own specific needs and requirements, the custody and access arrangements after a separation need to reflect these individual circumstances. We will help you understand how the law impacts the decision-making and care of your children after separation.

As joint custodial parents, both you and your former spouse/partner will together continue to make important decisions that impact your children. On the other hand, as a sole custodial parent, you or your former spouse/partner will make decisions on behalf of the child or children after consultation with the other parent. Parents are also entitled to information from professionals involved with the children, including schools, doctors, dentists, counselors, and caregivers.

We recognize that in addition to decision-making, care of and time with your children are also of the utmost importance. We will review the various parenting models available to determine how to proceed to best meet the needs of your family.